Guidance for Artists


Gigglewick Gallery is a small independent art gallery and gift shop nestled in The Royal Arcade, opposite Worthing Pier.

We often have artists coming in to ask whether we would consider exhibiting their work and for the submission criteria, terms and conditions. This article is intended to provide some guidance and issues to consider when approaching us.

We welcome art submissions at any time from artists, amateur or professional, and will treat all with the respect and honesty they deserve. However, being a small gallery we have limited space and resources and do need to apply selection criteria.


  1. Each piece of art must be an original, or limited edition reproduction, of an original by the artist. Although there are some amazing artists taking direct inspiration from other artists, we will not consider these unless specific intellectual property approvals have been obtained in writing.
  2. The artist must provide a signed certificate of authenticity with each art piece plus a short description and image suitable to be displayed on the web. The intellectual property always remains with the artist but we will need to publish images on marketing materials and social media platforms. 
  3. The artwork must have longevity and be created using quality materials and workmanship. This includes art materials, pigments, packaging, framing etc.
  4. Both curators of the gallery must love the work. We will not attempt to exhibit or sell anything that we both do not love.
  5. Size is important!. We have limited space and can only exceptionally exhibit anything over 90 x 90cm. The way the gallery is configured we can exhibit a reasonable number of art-pieces of 30 cm x 30 cm or less.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (short version)

  1. We will exhibit and work to sell the artwork on a consignment basis. The work remains the property of the artist and, if sold, the gallery will take a commission and pay the net proceeds direct to the artist.
  2. Our commission rate is 25% on the sale price. We do not charge any rental for display space or ask artists to volunteer in the gallery.
  3. If the artwork is not sold then it is returned to the artist in its original condition. Either party can request a return with three working days notice. 
  4. While at the gallery the artwork is insured against loss or damage. If an original this would be the full resale value of the artwork. If a limited edition it would be the replacement cost.


  1. The artist should carefully read and consider the Submission Criteria and Terms and Conditions above before coming in to see us at the gallery with an example of their art. Typically, only one of the curators will be in the gallery at a time and, having looked at the artwork and covered any questions, they will confer with each other and come back to the artist with a response.
  2. If accepted, we will agree a start date (this could be 1-3 months in the future) and look to place an art piece in the downstairs gallery for 2-3 weeks. We will then monitor visitors and customers interaction with the work and assess whether the work could be expanded or returned.


We have tried to make the submission process as simple and fair as possible and we appreciate that some people may be disappointed. This should never be viewed as a negative judgement on our part. In most cases it is a question of timing and/or oversupply.