To Wrap or Pakk, that is the question!

At Gigglewick Gallery we exhibit, store and transport valuable paintings and, at all times, we need to protect them.

The artwork is most at risk when being transported or stored and we, like most galleries, artists and collectors have been using acid free paper, bubble wrap, tape and foam bumpers to package them. Traditionally bubble wrap has been used within the art industry for many years because of its low cost and versatility. 

However, there are significant drawbacks:-

  • bubble wrap can leave an impression on oil or resin paintings that will be difficult to remove - it is also not acid-free and should not come into contact with the surface of the painting
  • once you have sealed bubble wrap up with tape, it is never easy to unwrap and re-use.
  • bubble wrap is not allowed to be recycled by most councils and this polythene waste ends up in land fills.
  • it takes time and significant table top space to professio nally wrap a painting
  • galleries and artists often need to find significant space to store large rolls of bubble wrap and boxes of foam bumpers

We worked out that if we add up the costs of storage, bubble-wrap, tape, foam bumpers and corners then we could end up spending more money than if we invested into reusable art bags. 

We therefore looked at a number of alternatives and have concluded that ArtPakk bags offer the most protective, archival standard of art bag available. We now provide one free with every original art-piece we sell. Further we have been approved as stockists for the sale of ArtPakks to our artists and customers.

The development of the ArtPakk is a result of industry professionals looking at all the problems caused with using bubble wrap to pack up artworks and frames.

An archival art bag the ArtPakk:-

  • is shock absorbent
  • is reusable
  • is resealable with Velcro 
  • is expandable
  • has an acid free lining
  • is water resistant
  • is mould repellent
  • is extremely strong and have been tested to take weights up to 50kg
  • affordable and a smart choice