Collection: Mark Munroe-Preston

Mark was born in Yorkshire and studied photography at Wolverhampton Polytechnic before moving to London in 1991. Since then he has worked in many sections of the design and publishing industry. He now lives and works in Sussex with his wonderful families and two crazy Scottish Terriers.

Inspired by the incredible landscapes of the South Downs and Ashdown Forest he is constantly expanding his collection of images that fuel the inspiration for his artworks.

For Mark, landscapes without tress feel like they are missing something, trees are such an integral part of the world about us. “I feel drawn to these incredible organisms, which can be diminutive, delicate, monumental or sculptural and being in the forest at dawn their serene beauty is so atmospheric”.

The names of the artworks often refer to the GPS coordinates where the original photograph was taken so that the locations can be found and visited in person.

The designs are available as Giclee Fine Art prints or as Brushed Aluminium Di-Bond Prints, both in various sizes.