Collection: Acorn and Avocado Vases

Tree inspired art that brings the miracle of nature into your home or workplace.

"I took an acorn and put it in a pot.
I then covered it with earth, not a lot.
Great pleasure was mine watching it grow.
The first budding green came ever so slow."

- George Bernard Shaw

Innovative and beautifully designed, based on the principles of minimalism, timelessness and functionality, the Avocado and Acorn vases allow you to witness the seeds you have picked, and nurtured, grow into magnificent plants. 

Perfect for urban dwellers, tree lovers, inquisitive children and design enthusiasts to bring the magic of nature into their home or workplace. 

Product Details

  • Please note that some images are not to scale
  • Dimensions - Acorn 10cm x 10cm - Avocado 15cm x 15cm
  • Includes a 36 page guidebook with full instructions.
  • In season, the acorn vases include two germinating (or pre-germinated) acorns.