A Guide to Cleaning Wooden Toys with Care

To ensure your wooden toys last for years to come, we have put together an easy-care guide to help you keep them clean and well-maintained.

Before we start did you know that wood has antibacterial properties. It halts the growth and removes harmful bacteria. Moisture is naturally drawn into the material making it unable to multiply! However, toys still need a good clean because of being on the floor and in little one’s mouths.

Due to wood being porous compared to plastic based toys cleaning requirements differ.


  • Do not put wooden toys in the dishwasher as it causes the wood to absorb to much water and can cause damage which can become unsafe for children.
  • Do not soak in water. This is very important step to avoid as it can cause the wood to become damaged.
  • Do not give your child a broken wooden toy. Insure you regularly inspect the toys for any signs of wear or damage. Discard any broken or damaged toys immediately to ensure safety.