Collection: Stuart Bass

Stuart is a self-taught artist whose lifelong passion for painting and drawing has been a central element of his creative journey. Growing up with a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of Sussex, particularly the South Downs and its charming towns and villages, Stuart draws inspiration from the landscapes that have surrounded them throughout his life.

His artistic journey was further enriched by his academic pursuit of theatre design, which instilled a profound sense of storytelling through art. This influence is evident in his work, as he skillfully weave narratives into his creations, inviting viewers to engage in the stories behind their captivating scenes.

Specializing in seascapes and countryside scenes, Stuart has a particular fascination with how moonlight can transform the mood of a landscape. This fascination has become a defining element of his work, offering viewers a dream-like world to escape to and savour.

In terms of artistic technique, Stuart employs a unique and meticulous approach. He applies inks to canvas or board using a combination of paint brush and airbrush techniques. This combination allows them to infuse his paintings with warmth and depth. The layers of ink, often numbering between 20 and 30, bring an element of unpredictability to the creative process, with each layer blending and evolving to create a rich, complex, and engaging final result.

To complete his pieces, he applies a clear resin top coat, which not only deepens the tones but also unifies the entire composition, enhancing the overall visual impact of the artwork.

Over the years, Stuart has developed a disciplined approach to his art, knowing when to step back and sense when a work is complete. This careful balance between structure and intuition ensures that each of their creations tells a unique and compelling story while showcasing their distinctive style.

Stuart continues to captivate art enthusiasts with his evocative landscapes and the enchanting narratives that unfold within them. The artwork is a testament to his deep connection with his surroundings, his dedication to his craft, and his unwavering commitment to bringing the beauty of Sussex and the magic of moonlight to life.